Hindu Gods and Goddesses of Yoga

Hindu Gods and Goddesses of Yoga

Andrea Bobby

Andrea is a lifelong practitioner and certified Teacher of Yoga from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in India. As well as being the founder of Body Mind Light, she also teaches online Hatha Yoga classes. Read more...

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  1. Eric Cantu says:

    Very cool post! I had only heard of Ganesha, Shiva, and Krishna… So much history behind these gods and goddesses! Thank you for posting and great pics! Nice layout to your site!

  2. Steven says:

    Wow! I’ve been practicing yoga for years and I’ve learned more in this article then I have in the last five years of my practice. I wish you lived closer to me so you could be my instructor.

    Great article. I’ll be back for more!

  3. Joo says:

    Thanks for the great article! I’ve certainly heard about many of these Hindu gods and goddesses during my visits to Bali. I love the culture there and how religious the people are. I’ve always been intrigued by yoga too, it is on my to-do list, I really hope to get started on it one day.

    • Andrea Bobby says:

      I used to teach yoga in Bali, and yes I agree, Hinduism is definitely a prominent part of Balinese culture. No wonder that it’s a haven for spiritual practice!
      All the best with your own!

  4. This is a great article. Even though I am familiar with the gods and goddesses from a TV screen, you now make me feel them. Thank you so much. I only knew about Krishna from the best movie of the Indian actor Hrithik Roshan acting as Krishna in the movie Krish.

  5. I have always liked mythology and I’ve learned about the different religions that exist in the world. India is a country with a very rich culture and incredible places. And there is yoga, which does very well for the body and mind. Great post.

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