The Basic Guide to Chakras

The Basic Guide to Chakras

Andrea Bobby

Andrea is a teacher and lifelong practitioner of Yoga. Born in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India, she now resides in Ontario, Canada and offers online classes in classical Hatha Yoga. As the founder of Body Mind Light and the creator of its Online Shop, she strives to propagate the authentic, original wisdom of Yoga to the world. Read more...

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  1. Prav says:

    That’s so insightful. Never knew about chakras before. Hope you can dive deep into each of them with some videos related to yoga poses.

  2. Giuseppe says:

    Thank you for this lovely and informative article! I like how you break down each chakra one by one and there is a brief explanation for each including yoga poses to help with alignment. I want to sign up for some of your classes. Do you service Milton or the West GTA?
    Thank you again, Namaste.

  3. Thabo Khoza says:

    Thank you for explaining this to us. I have recently started meditation and this will help me learn a lot since I have heard of chakras but didn’t know a whole lot about it.

  4. Jukka says:

    I used to think chakras are nonsense new age hippie stuff. I have a very scientific background as an engineer. What really changed my perspective was coming to the realization that I actually have an astral body. This was caused by let’s say some common herbs ;). I’ve actually since experienced astral projection, lucid dreaming and synchronicities. I’ve realized that the world I see is just a construct of my imperfect senses and my inner beliefes. The true reality is so much more complex and fascinating. My whole perspective and understanding of the universe and what I considered reality have changed. And in a postive way! I used to be really depressed because the world I lived in was cold, cruel and unforgiving. I didn’t understand how much my inner world affects the things around me. Now I’m full of hope and I’ve actually started to understand how to let go of my ego that’s the root of all bad things in life.

    I’ve only dabbled with chackras and kundalini in the recent months. I’ve practiced breathing techniques that make me feel something I’d like to think of as kundalini, I’m still really learning about the chackras. Thanks for the interesting read, it gave me new terms and ideas to look into!

    • Andrea Bobby says:

      How are you finding Kundalini Yoga? It’s a very power practice as it awakens our cosmic energy. Think of Kundalini as a coiled snake at the Muladhara Chakra. As we awaken it with yogic postures and breathing exercises, it moves up and through the 7 chakras toward Samadhi.

      I’m so happy that you’ve found a place for yoga in your life. Keep practicing!

  5. John says:

    The chakras always confused me. This was super clear. Thank you for making this!

  6. Lili says:

    Hi, good blog post with a great foundation for beginners. It’s SO true that when these chakras are unbalanced and energetically blocked, difficult physical ailments can occur. I’ve been meditating for years using earth and cosmic energy to fill up my chakras. Guided meditation is wonderful!!! Meditation in general, however it is done, is very important for healthy wellbeing. Yoga is a great place to start too. Your writing is clear and the blog is well organized. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Thank you, very informative. I love the colors and mantra added to each chakra. Peace and namaste ?? ???

  7. Stephanie says:

    This is a beautiful site, so calming and full of wisdom. Thank you so much for writing this article and for breaking it down in such an easy to understand way.

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