Three Reasons to Choose Yoga Teacher Training in India

Andrea Bobby

Andrea is a teacher and lifelong practitioner of Yoga. Born in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India, she now resides in Ontario, Canada and offers online classes in classical Hatha Yoga. As the founder of Body Mind Light and the creator of its Online Shop, she strives to propagate the authentic, original wisdom of Yoga to the world. Read more...

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  1. Hillary says:

    I completely agree. On our honeymoon, my husband and I visited Pattabhi Jois in India and had the opportunity to train under him, albeit not for a full course. The teaching there is so authentic and definitely less expensive. There is something about removing yourself from American influences and immersing yourself completely in a different culture that really helps your study as well, I think. Great post.

  2. Teresa says:

    India is Yoga, I really enjoyed reading this post, I like that you explain that yoga is more than just doing poses, it is so much more than that and you explain that well. Thanks for the post

  3. Teresa says:

    Great post, yoga really is much more than poses and you explain all that well in this post. I think the cost of travel to India to train with a master and learn traditional yoga would be well worth it, and really doesn’t look to be to much more expensive than training in other locations.

  4. Andy says:

    Yoga definitely seems like more than just poses and stretches like how most identify yoga in the west. It’s like a way of life and a great way at that. I would love to visit India one day and see how the people live their daily lives. It’s fun learning about other cultures because they are so different from my own. Of course you can’t forget about the food! Everywhere I travel food is one of the most memorable things. Authentic cooking is always the best and that doesn’t always mean expensive restaurants but it can be just a small stall on the side of the road. Both the experience and the food is what I look forward to.

  5. Dan says:

    I didn’t realize that Yoga was more than just a physical action. What a great article demonstrating the spirituality and lifestyle Yoga really is. To gain that experience from India where it was originated seems like such a wonderful opportunity.

  6. stefan says:

    Hi there, amazing article. My co worker is going to India next month to learn Yoga and become a teacher in the UK. It must be a life changing opportunity to visit this Interesting and beautiful country. What part of India do you recommend staying? I really like mountainous places, I guess north would be the case?

    Thanks for your help and I love your website!

    • Andrea Bobby says:

      Thank you Stefan! If you prefer a mountainous location, Rishikesh is probably the best place. It is among the foothills of the Himalayas and has several yoga institutes and ashrams.

  7. Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

    Becoming a yoga teacher is not to be taken lightly. Teaching yoga lets to help guide others in good health, spirituality and well-being. No matter where you train, you must have a teacher that will provide opportunity for self improvement, self discovery, and learning more about your true self. You will not only gain proficiency and physical ability, but also a core knowledge, and friends that will last a lifetime.

    India is not only a cost effective choice, but there is a variety of ashrams, and plenty of authentic teacher training programs. Things are more cost effective there. You can find more reasonable housing, certainly cheaper food, where a thali ( a set meal with soup, rice, bread, curries, veggies, and dessert) costs $2. And between busses, trains, and rickshaws, transportation is low.

    India also offers authentic yoga. You will learn why a vegetarian diet is important and how karma comes into play in your life. You will learn about Ayurveda therapy. You will learn the sutras, but also the dharana and dhyana. You will learn of Hindu influence and certain spiritual texts that are important to your journey as a yogi in training. Learning yoga in India give you a history of yoga and spiritual vibrations you will find no where else.

  8. Anke says:

    Hi there Andrea, what a beautiful post about Yoga and even more so about India. I have tried Yoga a few times but didn’t really get into it. It might have to do with the style of Yoga; I don’t know. I do love the idea of practicing Yoga in India away from the distractions of our daily lives.
    I also love the holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit, of choosing Yoga as a lifestyle.
    Thank you again for your wonderful post and showing me that Yoga is more than a fitness concept.
    All the best from Anke

  9. Mira says:

    What a wonderful article. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I have learned yoga myself in India and Sri Lanka over the years and keep returning for more. As a yoga teacher, it’s important to have a balance and I try to offset my busy life with 1 month every year attending a yoga and ayurveda retreat in India. Sometimes I take extra training, sometimes I just learn on my own.
    Yoga in India is so different from the yoga offered at the most yoga studios in US and Europe. By learning yoga in India, you will realize yoga is so much more than just exercise! The whole concept bases itself on spiritualism with Hindu roots and emphasizes body-mind-soul concept. It also becomes easier to find a yoga studio back home after your return, as you know what authentic yoga is really about.

  10. Chris says:


    Great Information on Yoga Teacher training.

    I have used Yoga for an ongoing back issue which has helped me immensely over the years. The exercises can really target the specific muscles which are causing the pain, and to be honest you feel great after a yoga session.

    Sounds like learning Yoga in India is a step up from learning it anywhere else.

    Quite interesting and I appreciate your information.


  11. Dan says:

    Hey Andrea. India, the motherland of yoga is definitely the place to learn this ancient art. And India is definitely cost effective. A platter that would normally cost $8 in the U.S., would be about a dollar in India. And I agree about the fad that yoga has turned into in the west. It is definitely a lifestyle. Cheers.

  12. Sarah says:

    Great information, I have watched a lot of yoga videos of yoga teachers from India and I really likes all… great information and very well written article

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